The Financial Times offers A level students an amazing discount through schools and colleges.


The Economist also offers a student discount. The last time I looked students could get a 12 months subscription for under £30. This includes the Sunday Times - here you can read David Smith's weekly article- great for all those doing A level.


Both publications have a searchable website




                                      My favourite textbook is by Alain Anderton Edexcel A Level Economics                                                          (it is fine for the other boards as well). There is also a student guide.






Other reading (all in paperback)



                                        Chang, Ha Joon Economics: the User’s Guide. Pelican Books












                                              Smith, David. Something Will Turn Up: Britain’s Economy, Past,                                                                                                    Present and Future. Profile Books.







                                                 Skidelsky, Robert. What’s wrong with economics?

                                                              Yale University









                                                      Kay, John. The Truth About Markets. Penguin Books





The Financial Times has a large set of data response questions based on articles from the newspaper. Link here. They cover a wide range of A level topics and are really useful for exam preparation. You do need to register with FT through your school to use.


The Economist has some very useful articles in their Schools Brief section Link here


Tutor4U- lots of resources here including some really useful stuff Link Here


Videos on YouTube. Professor John Hearn has a great selection of his lectures on You Tube Link here


The Bank of England have some good materials on monetary policy and financial stability Link here


There are plenty of other resources to be found on the internet but they are of variable quality and some of the videos on YouTube have to be used very carefully !